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Diverse örlogsfartyg
Various of model ships in metal, scale 1:1250. One of the ships are the German mine layer "Brummer", picture 3 and 4. Read more below.

Olika örlogsfartyg i metall, skala1:1250.

Bland modellerna kan särskilt nämnas den tyska minläggaren "Brummer", se bild 3 och 4.

The Norwegian mine layer Olav Tryggvason was taken over by German troops on the ninth of april 1940 in Horten, Norway. Two days later, it was commissioned as mine layer Albatros, and was renamed 16th of may to Brummer. The ship operated during later part of 1940 at the Dutch/Beligan coast and was planned to be used during Operation Seelöwe, the invasion of England. At the beginning of the war against Russia, the ship was operating in the Baltic Sea and stayed there until 1942. Between 1942 and 1944, Brummer was used in the North Sea and at the Norwegian coast. In 1944/45 the Brummer operated in the Baltic Sea once again, for mine laying operation and to transport refugees back to Germany. Brummer was badly damaged during an air attack in Kiel on 03.04.1945. The wreck was scrapped after the war.

Dessa modeller av olika örlogsfartyg finner du hos Antikt i Tommarp, Österlen, Skåne.

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