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Tysk kryssare pre WW1
German pre WW1 Cruiser, SMS Gefion, The Imperial German Navy, German: Kaiserliche Marine.

SMS Gefion was an unprotected cruiser of the German Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy), the last ship of the type built in Germany. She was laid down in March 1892, launched in March 1893, and completed in June 1895 after lengthy trials and repairs. The cruiser was named after the earlier sail frigate Gefion, which was in turn named for the goddess Gefjon of Norse mythology. Intended for service in the German colonial empire and as a fleet scout, Gefion was armed with a main battery of ten 10.5-centimeter (4.1 in) guns, had a top speed in excess of 19.5 knots (36.1 km/h; 22.4 mph), and could steam for 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 km; 4,000 mi), the longest range of any German warship at the time. Nevertheless, the conflicting requirements necessary for a fleet scout and an overseas cruiser produced an unsuccessful design, and Gefion was rapidly replaced in both roles by the newer Gazelle class of light cruisers. (Wikipedia).

SMS Gefion war ein Kleiner Kreuzer der Kaiserlichen Marine. Der Kreuzer wurde nach Gefion,
einer Asenjungfrau der germanischen Mythologie benannt.

Die Gefion entstand unter dem Amtsentwurf 1891 als Kreuzerkorvette, wurde später zum Kreuzer III. Classe und 1899 zum Kleinen Kreuzer umklassifiziert. Sie war das erste Schiff dieser Größenordnung der Kaiserlichen Marine, das schon vom Entwurf her keine Hilfsbesegelung mehr erhielt. (Wikipedia).

Fartygsmodellen av SMS Gefion finner du hos Antikt i Tommarp, Österlen, Skåne.

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